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Sparx Enterprise Architect 11 Released - For Software, Business, and Systems

For years now, Sparx Enterprise Architect has been the one software package I insist having on all my projects. It doesn't matter if the projects are mobile iOS and Android, .NET, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Web API, Enterprise or Software Architecture modeling, SPEM (Software Process Engineering Metamodel) modelling, or a SPLE (Software Product Line Engineering) project, Sparx Enterprise Architect is my go to tool.



Enterprise Architecture: Creating Value by Informed Governance Book Review

This is a well rounded introduction to Enterprise Architecture. It covers all the basics in depth and also provides a really nice example to show you the results of Enterprise Architecting.

SPARX Enterprise Architect 9 has been released!!!

EA is still my tool of choice for architecting and designing systems. The new architecture tools in Visual Studio 2010 are very nice reverse engineering tools, but the UML tools are still to primitive to be considered for real world architecture.

SPARX EA Version 9 Beta 1 and MDG Integration for Visual Studio 2010 Version 4.5 Released

SPARX has released release of MDG Integration for Visual Studio Version 4.5. Version 4.5 introduces support for Visual Studio 2010. They have also released Enterprise Architect Version 9 Beta 1.


The Ivory Tower Enterprise and Software Architect

I tend to see all the roles in the software field a little differently. I see three classes of individuals at different levels of their career path. One I call the Ivory Tower type of person. The second is an In the Valley type of person. The third is the person in the wrong career path. ...