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Mousewheel Click to Paste in Firefox

Change the value of middlemouse.paste to true... Using this tweak coupled with our beloved AutoCopy extension, you could select text on-page and paste it into a textarea

Managing MinGW packages with mingw-get | Just Thinking

not quite apt-get, and only offering "system" packages (e.g. no enscript or cscope here), but handy anyway.

True X-Mouse Gizmo for Windows

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Copy with mouse. Paste with mouse. Focus without clicks. Unfortunately, no source code to study, no way to convince oneself that the code has no malicious purpose


::: Francesco's knick-knacks :::

pour ceux qui préfèrent le Pascal ... Freepascal pour GBA et NDS. Binaire pour Windows uniquement, malheureusement.



Thoughts on 'MinWin', Windows 7, and Virtualisation -

MinWin is a stripped Windows NT kernel with minimal userland features.

V I P E R L A I R .com - Windows Vista vs. Windows XP vs. Ubuntu Linux, Page 1/3

"While I have read many discussions on ATI's lack of support for Linux, I must say I was impressed with the ease at which I was able to get OpenGL working just fine with an ATI video card, one that ATI just got a Windows XP driver that included it (not to mention Vista and OpenGL are yet to be available)"

[NGL] About

seems like a good library for 3D stuff.


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