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PPU scrolling - Nesdev wiki

Games scroll to show an area much larger than the 256x240 pixel screen [...] Write the starting page (high order bit of X and Y) to bits 0 and 1 of PPUCTRL ($2000) [...] you write that to VRAM before you set the scroll, as seen in the animation below.


The Web Platform: Browser technologies

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are you ready for HTML5 ? And your users ?

Wiki : Main / Converting Doxygen generated xml files to DocBook

did produce the docbook after I manually fixed some non-UTF characters and added private-attrib, etc. support ... It dropped the sourcecode, however. I'm looking for an alternative.

Making handouts from your beamer presentation - University Wiki

usepackage{pdfpages} includepdf[...]{handout.pdf} you may use angle=90 as an additional parameter to fix improperly-oriented slides on the page.


winetricks - The Official Wine Wiki

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staedler digital pen requires winetricks vcrun6


Faq 096 - DeSmuME

Before you report a DeSmuME bug ... check updates here. After you understood your mistake, update this ;)

NotifyOSD - Ubuntu Wiki

sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin, run /usr/lib/notification-daemon/notification-daemon at session start and use e.g. notify-send `xmmsctrl cur` "This is a superfluous notification" -t 2000 to have a notification shown in a bubble from any script you're coding ^_^


OS-FAQ Wiki - Reference All In One

Now, the OSFAQ has been moved to a mediawiki at and i'm not that much involved. Reference Material, tutorial and stuff



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Du homebrew sur un appareil photo. Je dis "c'est génial"

nouveau Wiki - NvHardwareDocs

some of nvidia's hardware "secrets" revealed?


day15 [PAlib Wiki Francais]

pas encore tout à fait fini, mais un bon point de comparaison pour le code de "sidescroller" sur DS...

Keen 4 Levels - KeenWiki

pour ceux qui n'ont pas dosbox ^_^

Main Page - OSDevWiki

plein, plein, plein d'info ^_^ Et quelques pages de mon crû.

MontefioreWiki: Principe

pour tout Montefiore : comment s'y prendre pour la pause-café ...


Main Page - DSWiki

a nice wiki about DS programming, featuring detailed description of video modes, etc. I always spend hours googling for it ...