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PPU scrolling - Nesdev wiki

Games scroll to show an area much larger than the 256x240 pixel screen [...] Write the starting page (high order bit of X and Y) to bits 0 and 1 of PPUCTRL ($2000) [...] you write that to VRAM before you set the scroll, as seen in the animation below.


The Web Platform: Browser technologies

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are you ready for HTML5 ? And your users ?

Wiki : Main / Converting Doxygen generated xml files to DocBook

did produce the docbook after I manually fixed some non-UTF characters and added private-attrib, etc. support ... It dropped the sourcecode, however. I'm looking for an alternative.

Making handouts from your beamer presentation - University Wiki

usepackage{pdfpages} includepdf[...]{handout.pdf} you may use angle=90 as an additional parameter to fix improperly-oriented slides on the page.


winetricks - The Official Wine Wiki

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staedler digital pen requires winetricks vcrun6


Faq 096 - DeSmuME

Before you report a DeSmuME bug ... check updates here. After you understood your mistake, update this ;)

NotifyOSD - Ubuntu Wiki

sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin, run /usr/lib/notification-daemon/notification-daemon at session start and use e.g. notify-send `xmmsctrl cur` "This is a superfluous notification" -t 2000 to have a notification shown in a bubble from any script you're coding ^_^


OS-FAQ Wiki - Reference All In One

Now, the OSFAQ has been moved to a mediawiki at and i'm not that much involved. Reference Material, tutorial and stuff



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Du homebrew sur un appareil photo. Je dis "c'est génial"

nouveau Wiki - NvHardwareDocs

some of nvidia's hardware "secrets" revealed?


day15 [PAlib Wiki Francais]

pas encore tout à fait fini, mais un bon point de comparaison pour le code de "sidescroller" sur DS...

Keen 4 Levels - KeenWiki

pour ceux qui n'ont pas dosbox ^_^

Main Page - OSDevWiki

plein, plein, plein d'info ^_^ Et quelques pages de mon crû.

MontefioreWiki: Principe

pour tout Montefiore : comment s'y prendre pour la pause-café ...


Main Page - DSWiki

a nice wiki about DS programming, featuring detailed description of video modes, etc. I always spend hours googling for it ...

NDSTech Wiki

Technical documentation about the DS hardware plus links to the libnds function using stuffs. Even covers touch screen and 3D stuff ...