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Lectro Mockup Madness! (New demo! July 22nd)

i have Lectro.rar in dumbDesktop/, which features Lectro.exe and Lectro.nds ... hmm hmm ...


Sonic Advance

okay, so it looks "my" wasp comes from Sonic Advance... It's named "stinger"

KA_bb3.gif (GIF Image, 917x734 pixels)

a deconstruction of Kirby's Butter Building, and how we could cheat the player into thinking we're rotating a building on 2D hardware by a rotation of the tileset ^_^

Bilou HomeBrew's Blog: modplayer

I'm starting a serie of articles on extending 0xtob's XM module player on the nintendo DS with more effects. -- Une petite série d'articles où j'ajoute le support de différents effets (portamento, vibrato, tempo/speed, etc.) à la bibliothèque libntxm sur nintendo DS


nes_refinery.gif (GIF Image, 256x224 pixels)

AdamAtomic working on a "refinery" level (a shooter/inflitration game would look great over there, imho)