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Things UNIX can do atomically — Crowley Code!

mv -T oldsymlink newsymlink atomically changes the target of newsymlink to the directory pointed to by oldsymlink and is indispensable when deploying new code.

gnuplot / datafile (2E)

Yeah! On a Unix system, you can have gnuplot doing the pre-processing for you: no need to duplicate intermediate version of your raw input files ^o^ gnuplot> plot "< head -10 test.dat" using 1:2 with lines gnuplot> plot "< tail -3 test.dat" using 1:2 with lines ...



Linux/UNIX For DOS Users

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okay. DOS is obsolete, but Linux shells aren't. Maybe you want to bridge the gap ...


mon petit tuto de programmation client/serveurs HTTP en C.


Mozilla Font Size / DPI Issues on Unix

more info on how and what ...


HTML Basix - creating a crontab entry

a nice html page that generates crontab entries from simple forms. Too bad it is cluttered by ads of all sorts :P Just use "crontab -e" to activate the command on your local system ^_^

jCraze Blog

dvips: Such scaling will generate extremely poor output.



tous mes tutos, exemples, bidouilles, etc. pour la programmation réseau en C


mes trucs & astuces pour la programmation réseau

Unixjunkie Blog

Greg Miller's blog about (hopefully) interesting Unix and Mac stuff

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