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Basic tutorial 10: GStreamer tools - GStreamer SDK documentation - GStreamer SDK documentation

Elements can be named using the name property, in this way complex pipelines involving branches can be created. Names allow linking to elements created previously in the description, and are indispensable to use elements with multiple output pads, like demuxers or tees, for example. Named elements are referred to using their name followed by a dot. --- Instead of letting GStreamer choose which Pad to use when linking two elements, you may want to specify the Pads directly. You can do this by adding a dot plus the Pad name after the name of the element


Unit Testing in C: Tools and Conventions | Dr Dobb's looks interesting. I wonder wether I could use to strenghthen my game engine ...

Tools for Game Design: Patterns for Game Design

He's got in-blog pearltree integration. Nice. ™ • Smileys • The Smiley Sign Generator™ • The Smiley Search Engine™ • Gif Resize • Animation Tools • Smiley Generator • - - Animated Gif Frame Extraction

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Animations are made up of a bunch of similar images that are shown one after the other to create the illusion of movement. Many times, people will want just one or a few of those images, or they may want to change some of the images, This tool allows you to extract each frame from an Animate Gif Image and download them all along with the specifications that tell a browser how to show each image, or how long to show each image, or how many times to show each image.


less (Unix) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

less is more ... likely one of the Unix tools I use the most


Sprite Generator

get your brain running and your pencil burning!


Detexify LaTeX handwritten symbol recognition

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Wow.! Béton! Dessinez, c'est gagné, version LaTeX

EtherPad: Realtime Collaborative Text Editing

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une initiative intéressante ... gobby en "thin client", en somme ... Mais peut-on l'installer chez soi ? ou est-ce uniquement pour l'édition grand-public ?


Interview with Adam Atomic about Flixel and Indiegames | Digital Tools

"And suddenly there was Flixel, a free and open-source gameengine. Very well designed, fast to step into, made for ActionScript 3 and very versatile." ...


Ubuntu -- Details of package vorbisgain in gutsy

petit outil sympa pour ajuster le volume de mes .ogg au bureau (en particulier les conversion de musiques de jeux :P)

GCC 4.3 Release Series — Porting to the New Tools - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)

GCC by default no longer accepts code such as typedef struct xxx xxx {}; struct counted_ptr { xxx xxx(); }; but will issue the diagnostic error: declaration of xxx' error: changes meaning of 'xxx' from '...'