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Searching for Emails in Thunderbird



The For-Each Loop

void cancelAll(Collection<TimerTask> c) { for (TimerTask t : c) t.cancel(); }

Shortcuts for tcsh

alias tex 'latex !!:1.tex && dvips !!:1.dvi -o !!' and my own (highlight searched keyword in e.g. a locate output) alias loc8 '/usr/bin/locate -i \!\!:1 | sed -e "s/\!\!:1/\x1b\[36m\0\x1b\[37m\x1b\[1m/i" -'

Leaning toothpick syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

When you wish " wasn't " but ' or whatever else ... print qq|$text|; m{ftp://[^/]*/pub/}

2008 :: View topic - Need help with effective VRAM setup

F and G can map anywhere in the first 128K. The catch is, they mirror in two places it should be possible to make F and G contiguous with A (neat mapping technique by cydrak, using the best of VRAM_OFFSET(x)) to offer 112+48K on BG areas plus 448K contiguous as spare (LCD).

2006 Perl Command-Line Options

e.g. perl -n -e 'some code' file1 Then Perl will interpret that as: LINE: while (<>) { # your code goes here } ... and much more of the like ^_^

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