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The Colour palette [Archive] - Sega-16 Forums

4 palettes of 15 colors + see-through 0. That's it. For both tiles and sprites.




Flak - Game Sprites and Tiles

"how to avoid grid effects in your tiled pixel art"

NDS/Tutorials/Captain Apathy/Tiling - Dev-Scene

let's see if I can have sprites translucent in the level editor.


My Platformer Sprites / UI

Also practice on colour-choice-- your colour ramps are relatively-safe and desaturated. Think more of hue-shifting, especially when it comes to shadow


N Tutorials - Broad-Phase Collision

tutorials on object-tile collisions, with ideas out of "game programming gems"


Sonic Sprites!

excellent. tilesets for Sonic levels ^_^

[WIP] Small dragon. Animation.

animating a small dragon, step by step, to a somewhat full "tamagochi" capable virtual creature, that can sit, walk, jump, sleep, etc.

NFG Games Presents - A Sonic the Hedgehog Sprite History

a nice discussion of how Sonic the Hedgehog's sprites evolved over games and machines.

Google Image Result for

many sprites from Yoshi's Island (SNES), featuring yoshi, koopa, parakoopa, goomba, shyguy, etc.

Secret of Mana

pas mal, mais pas d'arbre.

light_world-1.png (PNG Image, 4096x4096 pixels)

La carte de "Link to the Past", échelle 1:1


Final Redemption

yet another nice pixel artist

Indigo Art :: Portfolio of Dan Fessler

another pixel artist ... fan of "Furry of the furies", btw.

Sonic Sprites

has nice spritetables of sonic (and other games too)

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