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Use F# on Mac OSX | The F# Software Foundation

Will it be as easy as C# NSMB editor on Linux ?



chmc | Free Development software downloads at

chm document generation by doxygen doesn't work out-of-the-box : it needs a .chm compiler. This could be an interesting alternative to the use of (MS) hhc.exe over wine


WordPress › PDO (SQLite) For WordPress « WordPress Plugins

for those who don't want to mess up their SQL setup just for installing wordpress... referer also says to "define('DB_TYPE', 'sqlite');" ...



D-Bus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

^_^ the componentry support in KDE ... and later versions on gnome (??)

Component-based software engineering - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

about the programming model in DCOM, javabeans, bonobo...

asbl Bawetic - Bienvenue à Bawetic

une ASBL pour les logiciels libres. J'ai rencontré Philippe TOMBAL au salon du développement durable, et il m'a convaincu par le nombre de logiciels utiles que je ne connaissais pas encore:,, ...


Download Cave Story for Linux - Cave Story software is a platformer with influences from the Metroid games. - Softpedia

Quote and Curly Brace finally made it to Linux, though they are a bit more resource-consuming than the native Windows implementation ... except in those small rooms.

GCC 4.3 Release Series — Porting to the New Tools - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)

GCC by default no longer accepts code such as typedef struct xxx xxx {}; struct counted_ptr { xxx xxx(); }; but will issue the diagnostic error: declaration of xxx' error: changes meaning of 'xxx' from '...'

Classic DOS Games - Apogee Software

the alternative source of "abandonware", with accurate info on what's shareware, what's now freeware and what's still sold... I like how they relate the story of each game and provide successive version of the game.


Super Cauldron © Titus Software (1993)

mon dieu! ça venait d'un jeu de 1986 ... Ensuite porté sur SNES.

open sword - pixen

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maybe i should make SEDS compatible with that tool ...

Crystal Space 3D Engine

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Crystal Space 3D Engine -- one of the good old open-source 3D engine.

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