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Bitten by the sidescroller bug...

an indie sidescrolling shooter on the go ...


TASVideos / Mega Man X Data

Mega Man X Series Physics Initial upward speed from jump: 5.0 p/f Terminal downward speed: 5.75 p/f Gravity: 0.25 p/f/f Walking: 1.5 p/f Dashing: 3.5 p/f

Welcome to JCSref

a sneak peak at Jazz Creation Station (Jazz Jackrabbit 2 editor)



day15 [PAlib Wiki Francais]

pas encore tout à fait fini, mais un bon point de comparaison pour le code de "sidescroller" sur DS...

GMAN-GAMES: Programming M.C. Kids

How collisions where handled in MC Kids platformer. Featuring "hot points", "hill tiles" and the like ...

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