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You take the story and you put it in the economic simulator | Gaslamp Games

The storied history of economics games is littered with games that tried to make their agents interesting and the players weren’t motivated to let them be interesting.

Sword of Mana: Do, don’t show

In games the emotional connection does not happen through emphaty but through responsibility. As soon a the player realizes a decision was made by somebody else in advance, he disconnects emotionally: “Oh, ok, it is is not my fault, it was meant to happen”.

Dave's Mapper | RPG Map Generator

Un générateur de niveaux aléatoires pour les RPG de table! excellent !


Days of Dawn by Bumblebee. — Kickstarter

I'm not that much into RPGs, but the art is stunning.


Mario et Luigi 2

une assez bonne description du jeu, sans entrer dans le publicitaire, qui met en avant le fonctionnement, les items, compare avec les autres mario-rpg, etc.

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