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NaCl sandbox paper

finally they implemented something based on x86 segmentation ? As in Clicker ?


Top of Rack vs End of Row Data Center Designs

Just in case you encounter "TOR" on a cloud computing performance diagram ... read "Top-Of-Rack" (and follow the link to know the details)



hash_functions [smallcode]

an interesting review of hash functions and their performance over different sets of keys. Note that he measure the actual time for hashing + scanning through a collision list rather than just counting the numbers of collisions.

RFC 1045 - VMTP: Versatile Message Transaction Protocol

An alternative to TCP for those who do Remote Procedure Call (RPC) daily. First published in 1986 (ACM Sigcomm, afaik), doesn't seem to have received much support.

Network Semantics

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from a guy who was trying to do a master/slave monitoring of TCP.


Inet Topology Generator Download

an Autonomous System (AS) level Internet topology generator.

LinShim6 | INL: IP Networking Lab

host identification header (for IPv6) implemented by UCL guys in linux kernel.


Raouf Boutaba

pour le post-doc?


a peer-to-peer measurement system (to be used in ANA?)

ANA Spoofer Project - Responses to Slashdot Comments

they wrote a tool deliberately spoofing nearby addresses' and reporting to a data collection center, recruited beta-testers on slashdots, then fine-grained analyzed the results (~ 216 sites).

USC GridSec Project

If you're about P2P and DDoS mitigation, this one is for you...


Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems - proceedings of APLOS'2000


"Scribe, A scalable group communication system" -- the collection of research publication by the P2P group at microsoft research.