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Update #67: What's in a Game? - Project Eternity: Announcements and News - Obsidian Forum Community

As a producer, one of my jobs is creating and understanding the game's master schedule. It's a never-ending task that requires constant refinement and adjustment. Anything that is added or changed can cause a cascade of unintended consequences which is why as game developers we have a responsibility to vet everything that goes into the game.

sigil - The EPUB Editor - Google Project Hosting

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interesting, but not in the debian depots (afaik) and not compiling on an Ubuntu LTS (latest CMake required, and some issues with the CMakelist.txt files shipped)




Project web – sourceforge

how to proceed to upload a web page to SourceForge web hosting.



Project AM2R - Another Metroid 2 Remake

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impressive project ... unfortunately in GameMaker :(

GCC 4.3 Release Series — Porting to the New Tools - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)

GCC by default no longer accepts code such as typedef struct xxx xxx {}; struct counted_ptr { xxx xxx(); }; but will issue the diagnostic error: declaration of xxx' error: changes meaning of 'xxx' from '...'


The Exile Project

a nice project of reviving an ancient C64 gem

ANA Spoofer Project - Responses to Slashdot Comments

they wrote a tool deliberately spoofing nearby addresses' and reporting to a data collection center, recruited beta-testers on slashdots, then fine-grained analyzed the results (~ 216 sites).

USC GridSec Project

If you're about P2P and DDoS mitigation, this one is for you...

Route Views Project Page

get a look through the Internet Hourglass ??

SCAMPI project |

a project about programmable monitoring/intrusion detection devices.