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Snapshot on Steam

jump, take pictures of the world to make the world change.


TIGSource » TIGArchive » WIP: The Iconoclasts

a wonderful game. Plays in wine with a few minor bugs and slowdowns.


Bitten by the sidescroller bug...

an indie sidescrolling shooter on the go ...


Lectro Mockup Madness! (New demo! July 22nd)

i have Lectro.rar in dumbDesktop/, which features Lectro.exe and Lectro.nds ... hmm hmm ...

Pixel Prospector / Indev | Platformer

some games to try if i can find a Windows box somewhere ;)


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de la plate-forme, de la 3D, de la DS, du pixel art ... tout pour être heureux ^_^

Moving platform - SuperTux

interesting documentation in SuperTux.

TASVideos / Mega Man X Data

Mega Man X Series Physics Initial upward speed from jump: 5.0 p/f Terminal downward speed: 5.75 p/f Gravity: 0.25 p/f/f Walking: 1.5 p/f Dashing: 3.5 p/f

My Platformer Sprites / UI

Also practice on colour-choice-- your colour ramps are relatively-safe and desaturated. Think more of hue-shifting, especially when it comes to shadow

Welcome to JCSref

a sneak peak at Jazz Creation Station (Jazz Jackrabbit 2 editor) // games, art and women

à tester une fois que j'irai chez qqn avec un windows.

QWAK - super-playable cute platformer - now on PC

Bubble bobble used the idea that shots are platforms, Quak instead use bonuses as walls for baddies ... funny ^_^


Flashback GENESIS Level 2: New Washington on Vimeo

"If you've not read the manual or figured this out on your own, this is the first of many jumps that appears impossible" "Flashback has this handy game mechanic where if you start running, and then hold down just the RUN button, Conrad will jump and grab the first ledge he can"