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This year

pcrepattern specification

h : any horizontal white space character


Perle fraƮche - Linux Attitude

Un chouette bouquin pour exploiter au mieux le CPAN, donc, dirait-on.


An eight-line REPL in Perl.

interesting, but a bit crude on the input (only raw, no history) and ... @x = (paul john george ringo) just prints out "4" :-/ you have to type "@x" to actually get the beatles displayed.


Leaning toothpick syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

When you wish " wasn't " but ' or whatever else ... print qq|$text|; m{ftp://[^/]*/pub/}


inotify for Linux - Edoceo, Inc.

given that you installed the package liblinux-inotify2-perl, you can quite simply get notifications in PERL. Here's how ^_^ nb: bindings also exists for python and ruby, and inotify-tools package provide watch & wait commands suitable for shell-scripters.


XML::XPath - a set of modules for parsing and evaluating XPath statements -

programmable expressions to access items in an XML document ... massively used in meta-workbench project.

2006 Perl Command-Line Options

e.g. perl -n -e 'some code' file1 Then Perl will interpret that as: LINE: while (<>) { # your code goes here } ... and much more of the like ^_^

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