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A (very) simple webserver using the perl module HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI

give it a spin, see it helps automating remote playlist maintenance.


pcrepattern specification

h : any horizontal white space character


Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet by DaveChild -

? where does my regexp mismatch ? die "wrong pattern on $`//$+//$'";


Perl file size tutorial - How to get the size of a file in Perl using file test operators.

no fseek(END), ftell(), fseek(BEGIN) hack anymore. Just $filesize = -s $filename /me love PERL ;)

perlfaq6 - what is /o really for ?

The /o option for regular expressions (documented in perlop and perlreref) tells Perl to compile the regular expression only once. This is only useful when the pattern contains a variable. Perls 5.6 and later handle this automatically if the pattern does not change.

Perle fraƮche - Linux Attitude

Un chouette bouquin pour exploiter au mieux le CPAN, donc, dirait-on.


'pdl' for 'Perl Data Language' is available as is in ubuntu repository: "pdl - perl data language: Perl extensions for numerics"


An eight-line REPL in Perl.

interesting, but a bit crude on the input (only raw, no history) and ... @x = (paul john george ringo) just prints out "4" :-/ you have to type "@x" to actually get the beatles displayed.

Simple DirectMedia Library Bindings for Perl

would you like to code graphical things in Perl ? Well, it took me 11 CPAN package to install manually, some of which turns out to have version conflicts, with no clear benefit but to be able to rebuild SDL from source in Build.PL. At the end fo the day, the SDL-2.530 perl module doesn't pass the tests. Time has been wasted, unfortunately


Leaning toothpick syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

When you wish " wasn't " but ' or whatever else ... print qq|$text|; m{ftp://[^/]*/pub/}


inotify for Linux - Edoceo, Inc.

given that you installed the package liblinux-inotify2-perl, you can quite simply get notifications in PERL. Here's how ^_^ nb: bindings also exists for python and ruby, and inotify-tools package provide watch & wait commands suitable for shell-scripters.


XML::XPath - a set of modules for parsing and evaluating XPath statements -

programmable expressions to access items in an XML document ... massively used in meta-workbench project.

2006 Perl Command-Line Options

e.g. perl -n -e 'some code' file1 Then Perl will interpret that as: LINE: while (<>) { # your code goes here } ... and much more of the like ^_^

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