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November 2007


a peer-to-peer measurement system (to be used in ANA?)

October 2007

USC GridSec Project

If you're about P2P and DDoS mitigation, this one is for you...

April 2007


"Scribe, A scalable group communication system" -- the collection of research publication by the P2P group at microsoft research.

System Architecture Group: Publications

including a paper about P2P bootstrapping ...

March 2007

Papers by David Mazières

impressive co-authoring of papers in decentralized filesystems, P2P solutions (incl. kademlia), SOPS and Usenix papers, and more.

February 2007

Chord on Demand (ResearchIndex)

one of the papers citing "one ring to rule them all".


envie d'un job sur DS ? ^_^