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Re: problems with ld --wrap : Help!

more gcc/libc subtleties: replace references to malloc into references to __wrap_malloc and then use __real_malloc in your wrapper code

Wonders of 'dd' and 'netcat': Cloning OS harddrives

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Des scripts et des conseils pour cloner un système linux. Peut-être plus très à jour depuis la multiplication des liveCD, mais tout de même. - HID Tools

official resources for HID usb implementation

The Mass Storage Page

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and now, plenty of pointers to info about the USB "mass storage" devices ...

USB Human Interface Device (HID) FAQ

How can an application request a report using a control transfer? How can an application send a report using a control transfer? How can an application request reports using interrupt transfers? How large is the ReadFile buffer? Where is the Windows documentation for accessing HIDs? Why do I receive "CRC Error" when attempting to send a report to my device? ...

Sample Chapter from Programming the Microsoft® Windows® Driver Model, Second Edition by Walter Oney

Programming the Microsoft® Windows® Driver Model interesting info on USB HID class drivers :P

Main Page - OSDevWiki

plein, plein, plein d'info ^_^ Et quelques pages de mon crû.

UTF-8 and Unicode FAQ

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tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur Unicode

0xFE - 11111110b - 0376 - 254 b9#9: How OS X Executes Applications

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a nice blog in the world of OSX. Neat technical details ^_^

Mac OS X ABI Mach-O File Format Reference

bin non. Ils ne bossent pas avec ELF chez Mac :P


Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems - proceedings of APLOS'2000

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