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MD's Technical Sharing: January 2011

"attempts due to a bug with Turbo Pascal CRT Unit that causes Runtime Error 200 when running on fast computer" "MARIO.PAS: The main application"

Genso's Junkyard II'

some interesting sources here. polygon detection, font rendering engines, sprites with the 3D hardware, plasma effects, particle systems and bullet hell script engines ...


Subversion import instructions – sourceforge

how to migrate an SVN into Sourceforge without loosing your history. Step by step process.

Extended Module Player

The Extended Module Player, or xmp, is a portable command-line module player for Unix and Unix-like systems such as Linux, BSD, Solaris, HP-UX and MacOS X, and also QNX, BeOS, Windows, OS/2 and AmigaOS. Xmp plays over 80 mainstream and obscure module formats from Amiga, Atari, Acorn, Apple IIgs and PC.



ou "comment le FIFO 3D de la DS fonctionne"

Bilou HomeBrew's Blog: modplayer

I'm starting a serie of articles on extending 0xtob's XM module player on the nintendo DS with more effects. -- Une petite série d'articles où j'ajoute le support de différents effets (portamento, vibrato, tempo/speed, etc.) à la bibliothèque libntxm sur nintendo DS

Welcome to the Linux Graphics Driver from Intel site | Graphics

w00t. The 3D chip that comes with programmer's reference manual. I've got to 0wn one :)


Using and porting GNU lightning

a library for just-in-time code generation 0_o


a peer-to-peer measurement system (to be used in ANA?)

XORP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Extensible Open Router Platform, is an open source routing software suite, aimed at being both stable and fully featured enough for production use and also extensible to support networking research


One of the most deployed network chip's driver, commented for your pleasure ...

Crystal Space 3D Engine

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Crystal Space 3D Engine -- one of the good old open-source 3D engine.

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