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Petit Computer for US users .. unfortunately not yet available for EU owners...




2011 :: View topic - Really Bad Eggs 20110706 (Super Foul Egg/Puyo Puyo)

a neat clone, but more than 2 ball per drop would make it more interesting. devkitPro: devkitpro-cvs

Sorry, but __io_dsisd is in another castle.

NEO COMPO 2010 Reviews By Aleomark: forum and magazine style!

If your dream wish is to have been turned into a blue Apple, this game makes that wish come true, but the red apples … well lets say they don’t like you and believe me, you don’t want to be next to the red apples,

Disjointed Studio

try me ... try me ... try me ^_^ bubble bobble meeting sokoban on DS.

Genso's Junkyard II'

some interesting sources here. polygon detection, font rendering engines, sprites with the 3D hardware, plasma effects, particle systems and bullet hell script engines ...


SNEmulDS homepage » DLDI

I'd really love to play "Rainbow Adventures" on my DS ...

Faq 096 - DeSmuME

Before you report a DeSmuME bug ... check updates here. After you understood your mistake, update this ;)

NDS/Tutorials/Captain Apathy/Tiling - Dev-Scene

let's see if I can have sprites translucent in the level editor.