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Modland Search - ExoticA

enjoy space debris

▶ Dizzy / Carillon - Just for Blues - YouTube

just crazy what sort of things Dizzy could get out of 4 channels and 200KB of samples...


Amiga Music Preservation - Andreas Viklund - Modules

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w00t! more Sweet Things ... has more.

: Amiga Remix CD

the home of Instant Remedy, a first-worker in remixing SID and Amiga music.


Basket Island Demo: 1 & 2 · By Syndrome (and Amiga Dream)

whoohoo. Le fameux jeu "Basket Island" de Syndrome avec les musiques de Maf !


Amiga Music Preservation - Yannis Brown - Interview

the guy who wrote "blubbiest places" at the mike ^_^



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Want to hear demoscene-related music ? Kebby or someone else ? this is the place to go !