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signal(7) - Linux manual page

Should we bother about EINTR ?


Linux perf Examples

Heat maps, Flame graphs. Advanced visualization techniques sound appealing.


just because I'm curious how coding of my favourite WM is managed



ImageMagick • View topic - opening a YUV image with ImageMagick

display -size 128x100 -colorspace rgb -depth 8 -sampling-factor 4:2:2 -interlace plane black_128_100.yuv

linux kernel module documentation

note that kbuild will clear EXTRA_CFLAGS of its former content before it invokes back your module's Makefile.

Help - Eclipse SDK

LD_DEBUG=bindings is your friend

Linux bash history with Page up / Page down |

# alternate mappings for "page up" and "page down" to search the history "e[5~": history-search-backward "e[6~": history-search-forward NB: you might lose customization from /etc/inputrc if you just copy this as your .inputrc

Cheat Sheet For Locking

Avoid holding spinlock for more than 5 lines of code If you are in a process context (any syscall) and want to lock other process out, use a semaphore Table of Minimum Requirements

[ubuntu] Problem with volume control pulse audio not starting

Got the issue this lunch. rebuilding alsa with module-assistant was simple and did the trick. I used mplayer -ao oss mod_of_the_week.ogg to validate my sound hardware was still working properly. The issue is most likely in pulseaudio: re-installing it afterwards killed alsa sound again.

What is the best window manager for Linux? - awesome (tiling) - Slant

Awesome was the first window manager to be ported to use the asynchronous XCB library instead of XLib, making it much more responsive than most other window managers.

Blackmagic Decklink SDI and Linux | Stream #0

The card was not recognised with this kernel [upgraded 2.6.39]. Booting [Mint Debian] into the original 2.6.32 kernel overcame this problem and the card was recognised.


Linux Control Groups

ontrol Groups provide a mechanism for aggregating/partitioning sets of tasks, and all their future children, into hierarchical groups with specialized behaviour.

Font Configuration - ArchWiki

Webfonts are getting mandatory for decent UX on most webapps ... Still, if I want to avoid ugly Arial and TrebuchetMS, I will need to tweak .fonts.conf ...