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Help - Eclipse SDK

LD_DEBUG=bindings is your friend



Terabytes of data, anyone ?

Simple DirectMedia Library Bindings for Perl

would you like to code graphical things in Perl ? Well, it took me 11 CPAN package to install manually, some of which turns out to have version conflicts, with no clear benefit but to be able to rebuild SDL from source in Build.PL. At the end fo the day, the SDL-2.530 perl module doesn't pass the tests. Time has been wasted, unfortunately


netfilter/iptables project homepage - The "libnetfilter_queue" project

doh. the one below is deprecated. If you did iptables [...] -j QUEUE, this is what happens next.


Simple Sockets Library

a socket library using names instead of port numbers ... hum hum ...


Using and porting GNU lightning

a library for just-in-time code generation 0_o

diet libc - a libc optimized for small size

by 1 other
une version light de la libc, pour l'embarqué, les OS débutants, etc.

libslack - A UNIX/C library of general utilities for programmers with Slack

la bibliothèque qu'on oublie trop souvent pour éviter de se prendre la tête sous Linux ?

[NGL] About

seems like a good library for 3D stuff.


NDSTech Wiki

Technical documentation about the DS hardware plus links to the libnds function using stuffs. Even covers touch screen and 3D stuff ...

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