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Dave's Mapper | RPG Map Generator

Un générateur de niveaux aléatoires pour les RPG de table! excellent !



Tiled, a generic tile map editor

seems to run on Java. maybe it will work under Linux ?

nes_refinery.gif (GIF Image, 256x224 pixels)

AdamAtomic working on a "refinery" level (a shooter/inflitration game would look great over there, imho)

Before You Start

Could have been entitled "so you want to become 2D platformer level designer" ;)

Keen 4 Levels - KeenWiki

pour ceux qui n'ont pas dosbox ^_^

Maxim's World of Stuff - SMS/Meka stuff - Game maps - Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic 1 (Master System) maps, plus lot of 8-bit console hacks and other funny things :P

The Video Game Atlas - NES Maps

Super Mario Bros 3 : full maps ...

VGMaps :: Message List

nice work by Grizzly, capturing all the screenshots of Rayman he could find.

SMB3 Workshop

i should give it a try in Wine ^_^

The Video Game Atlas - Super NES Maps

much more video game maps, including yoshi's island ^_^ thanks, peardian

Cerebral Cortex 314 - Use the Fish

keen commander, interactive maps ^_^

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