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GameSpite | ToastyFrog | Telebunny | Compendium of Useless Information : Site - Mariothon 3 browse

clearly, someone at Nintendo had predicted my game-breaking antics and decided to reward me for them.

Critical-Gaming Network - Blog - The Dimensions of Fez

"Fez is a great example of a game that subverts core design elements of both platforming and puzzle game design."


Super Mario Bros 3 Level Design Lessons « Significant Bits

"The red Venus Fire Trap is also introduced here and — in typical Mario fashion — doesn’t respawn if killed and only comes out if Mario isn’t standing next to its pipe (or on top of it). Although the player can’t go down this particular pipe, the fact that an enemy emerges from it hints at the possibility of Mario being able to do the same."


vector poem » Coelacanth: Lessons from Doom

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liked the comparison to Geometry Wars ;)




The Bronze Blog: Building a Better Platformer

how to improve the platformer style ... an old gamer's opinion.

Block Types

how tiles are used in Rayman 1 game ^_^

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