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IMF Format - ModdingWiki

information on the song format being used by Commander Keen and other Apogee/ID games.


Bilou HomeBrew's Blog : Chibby Commander Keen

I came up with this chibby Commander Keen as result of my experiments with the 32x32 editing mode of my sprite editor tonight. It might be used in a demo-platformer for SEDS/GEDS/LEDS tools on the Nintendo DS

Meep - KeenWiki

They can produce sound in large booms of several decibels. These are usually lethal to anyone hearing them, and can pass through solid materials without diminishing in strength or lethality, making them even more dangerous. These sound waves are so strong they can even stop Keen's bullets.

Yorp - KeenWiki

Yorps were slaves to Gargs before the Viking probe landed on the despotic Martian king, freeing them from their masters. They seem to be suitable for pets, and Keen has actually had one as a pet since his trip to Mars. His pet Yorp is called Spot.

Skypest - KeenWiki

, they are immune to neural shots and can only be killed when they pause to rest on the ground, where they can be squished with something pointy, like a pogo stick.

Lick - KeenWiki

They themselves are harmless until they approach their intended prey, which they will roast alive with a hot lounge of flame

Poison Slug - KeenWiki

Some Slugs can be seen sleeping under the ground. They probably are young Slugs, which live underground before reaching maturity. They may have an extensive tunnel network beneath the surface. These sleeping Slugs are mostly found in Slug Village, which may be the main Slug center in the Shadowlands.

Little Ampton - KeenWiki

They are small purple robots built by the Shikadi to repair, monitor and adjust various machines on the Omegamatic without their direct involvement.

Volte-face - KeenWiki

Being little more than eyes, it is almost certain that they were created by the Shikadi although they may also come from the Shikadi home world.

Spirogrip - KeenWiki

Their lack of a mouth point to them being an engineered species produced by the Shikadi.

Shikadi - KeenWiki

The Shikadi are a race of translucent energy beings from another galaxy.

Bobba - KeenWiki

Bobba are large worm-like creatures found on Fribbulus Xax


Changing the World / Editing Keen with TED - Community

want to modify maps or stuff in Commander Keen ?

Keen 4 Levels - KeenWiki

pour ceux qui n'ont pas dosbox ^_^

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