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Network Semantics

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from a guy who was trying to do a master/slave monitoring of TCP.


Technology Review: Supercharged File Sharing

(we knew it from the start ... it looks like protocols are getting mature enough so that it finally can happen. No clue on *how* they do it, though)

Inet Topology Generator Download

an Autonomous System (AS) level Internet topology generator.


USC GridSec Project

If you're about P2P and DDoS mitigation, this one is for you...

RFC 2581 - TCP Congestion Control

make sure you know where your towels are ^_^. Nah, seriously, that's TCP congestion control, featuring both human and machine readable versions of fast retransmit / fast recovery algorithms. Always handy when dealing with congestion stuffs.

Clients of DNS Root Servers - 2002-08-28

according to "OASIS", 'measurements at DNS root servers [] have shown many resolvers use dynamically-assigned addresses'