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Frequently Asked Questions | Twitter Developers

The old API has stopped working, and will be completely dismantled by March 2013. Better read the FAQ 'till then

Top of Rack vs End of Row Data Center Designs

Just in case you encounter "TOR" on a cloud computing performance diagram ... read "Top-Of-Rack" (and follow the link to know the details)

RFC 2047 - MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) Part Three: Message Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text

ever wondered how ASCII-only mail relays could stand l'écriture française in mail subjects ? that's how


DotCloud - Deployment made simple

ready to push sprites into a cloud ?



RFC 1045 - VMTP: Versatile Message Transaction Protocol

An alternative to TCP for those who do Remote Procedure Call (RPC) daily. First published in 1986 (ACM Sigcomm, afaik), doesn't seem to have received much support.

Network Semantics

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from a guy who was trying to do a master/slave monitoring of TCP.


a primer on John Day's book.


Technology Review: Supercharged File Sharing

(we knew it from the start ... it looks like protocols are getting mature enough so that it finally can happen. No clue on *how* they do it, though)

Inet Topology Generator Download

an Autonomous System (AS) level Internet topology generator.

KartOO visual meta search engine

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another flavour of search engines

LinShim6 | INL: IP Networking Lab

host identification header (for IPv6) implemented by UCL guys in linux kernel.

Nimrod Documentation Page

one of the alternate "internet architecture", around since 1995.


POP, Post Office Protocol

le bon coin pour avoir une vue d'ensemble sur le protocole POP.


a peer-to-peer measurement system (to be used in ANA?)

ANA Spoofer Project - Responses to Slashdot Comments

they wrote a tool deliberately spoofing nearby addresses' and reporting to a data collection center, recruited beta-testers on slashdots, then fine-grained analyzed the results (~ 216 sites).

Function UDPSend

starcom_fr might use this to port the ./ and ./ for wusers

Ivip - a potential new routing and addressing architecture for the Internet

"vastly improved plumbing". Intriguing style (thoughtspad) ...