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gnuplot / datafile (2E)

Yeah! On a Unix system, you can have gnuplot doing the pre-processing for you: no need to duplicate intermediate version of your raw input files ^o^ gnuplot> plot "< head -10 test.dat" using 1:2 with lines gnuplot> plot "< tail -3 test.dat" using 1:2 with lines ...


PPU scrolling - Nesdev wiki

Games scroll to show an area much larger than the 256x240 pixel screen [...] Write the starting page (high order bit of X and Y) to bits 0 and 1 of PPUCTRL ($2000) [...] you write that to VRAM before you set the scroll, as seen in the animation below.

Normal Map Photography

if "Another World" was born past 2010 :)



for(;;){ /* loop */ setPixel(x0,y0); if (x0==x1 AND y0==y1) break; e2 = 2*err; if (e2 >= dy) { err += dy; x0 += sx; } /* e_xy+e_x > 0 */ if (e2 <= dx) { err += dx; y0 += sy; } /* e_xy+e_y < 0 */ }

Transfer only selected file types with rsync | Open Source Technical Blog

find source -name "*.png" -print0 | rsync -av --files-from=- --from0 ./ ./destination/ or rsync -av --include='*/' --include='*.png' --exclude='*' source/ destination/

[wip] stony monster not stony enough.

from triangles to rocking texture.

SVN: Merging a Branch into Trunk -

I'll have to redo that tomorrow, applying the merge for newcollide first, and *then* companim...


Linux initial RAM disk (initrd) overview

copying an existing initrd file, using cpio commands as described in linux/Documentation/initrd.txt might not always be sufficient...

[16x16][C&C] House Tileset

you can avoid texture overload -- by EyeCraft "The main tool you want to use is simplification. You want to simplify shapes down and work in broad blocks of colour with accented bits of detail. This lets you use all kinds of bright, saturated colour at any level of contrast without introducing graininess."

WordPress › PDO (SQLite) For WordPress « WordPress Plugins

for those who don't want to mess up their SQL setup just for installing wordpress... referer also says to "define('DB_TYPE', 'sqlite');" ...


UTF-8 Setup Mini HOWTO

evaluating (require 'un-define) (set-coding-priority-list '(utf-8)) (set-coding-category-system 'utf-8 'utf-8) in the scratch buffer before opening the UTF-8 document was sufficient. RAW documents remained RAW, afaik.

118910.png (PNG Image, 709x424 pixels)

DVD authoring on linux : from bits to pits.

How to concatenate PDFs without pain

texexec saved the day ^_^ texexec --pdfarrange --result out.pdf in1.pdf in2.pdf in3.pdf ...

Blogger Buzz: Create Pages in Blogger

`` Finally, for those of you that have custom templates, your custom template may not automatically support Pages as horizontal "tabs". If you are familiar with HTML, follow these instructions on how to add Pages to your custom template. ''


2008 :: View topic - style file broken in ubuntu, can't find font?

beetle:~/work/wasp/phd> dvipdf Master-bk.dvi dvips: Font ptmb8t not found, using cmr10 instead. dvips: Checksum mismatch in font ptmb8t dvips: ! invalid char 201 from font ptmb8t -- here's how to get that fixed : apt-get install tetex-bin tetex-base

The Linux BootPrompt-HowTo

sometimes, it's good to have all "boot-time arguments" of the Linux kernel at hand. Here you are

YouTube - DKC2 - All 40 DK Coin locations

all the "DK" coins in Donkey Kong Country 2 ...and a sample of the gameplay variety in that platformer

Supercard SD Mini Gameboy color save help - MaxConsole Forums

you cannot find out how to save your game in Zelda DX (or likely any other GBC game) with the SuperCard SD built-in emulator ? Here's how