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2011 :: View topic - Really Bad Eggs 20110706 (Super Foul Egg/Puyo Puyo)

a neat clone, but more than 2 ball per drop would make it more interesting.

NEO COMPO 2010 Reviews By Aleomark: forum and magazine style!

If your dream wish is to have been turned into a blue Apple, this game makes that wish come true, but the red apples … well lets say they don’t like you and believe me, you don’t want to be next to the red apples,

Disjointed Studio

try me ... try me ... try me ^_^ bubble bobble meeting sokoban on DS.


subatomicglue - MidiboxSID work log

by 1 other (via)
OMG. Its ... the *real* thing !

NDS/Tutorials/Captain Apathy/Tiling - Dev-Scene

let's see if I can have sprites translucent in the level editor.


Bilou HomeBrew's Blog: dsnews

"news" from homebrews on the Nintendo DS system (as i discover them). :: DS homebrew game reviews

all the homebrew games you might have missed ^_^


GENESIS Technical Overview

How the SEGA genesis works ^_^ Note that they had per-tile priority bits while Nintendo PPU typically had per-plane priority.