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sigil - The EPUB Editor - Google Project Hosting

by 3 others
interesting, but not in the debian depots (afaik) and not compiling on an Ubuntu LTS (latest CMake required, and some issues with the CMakelist.txt files shipped)




Google Translate

"Cream Soda" songs regularly pop up in my playlist and make me smiling ^_^. I think "AIBOMB" is the song that triggered my initial curiosity and made me locate this little gems mine ...

Google Translate

petit moment d'auto-satisfaction ... ^^"



Helgrind, TotT: Finding Data Races in C

helgrind: more than data checks (valgrind), it also help you finding who did not bring a beer in multithreaded programs.

Google Image Result for[monsters].gif

not so many monsters in Zelda III, when shown that way ...

Google XXL: Sauvegarder un Blog sur Blogger

toujours "windows only", apparemment...


E. Allman "E-mail Authentication: What? Why? How?" - Google Search

wouldn't it be nice to have a _really_ spam-free mailbox ?


Server load balancing and Google

a story about how Google does load-balancing, why they upgraded their box, etc. Not as technical as i'd have liked it to be, though.

Unixjunkie Blog

Greg Miller's blog about (hopefully) interesting Unix and Mac stuff

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