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game creation tools.

does it talk about SEDS ? or about RSD-Game-maker ?



Petit Computer for US users .. unfortunately not yet available for EU owners...



there was more than just SEUCK

The life of a Games Programmer: Collision detection...

Lemmings never did full sprite to background collision checking, in fact all it did was test a pixel at the feet of a lemming, into the mask. And you could do that directly in GML if you wanted to! In fact, Lemmings had a "1600x160" play area, and you could easily convert this to a 200x160 "BIT" per-pixel mask.


CMF Format - ModdingWiki

valuable information about the CMF format which i tried to reverse-engineer back in the "Recreative Game Maker" era, due to the lack of proper edition tool. My guess is that such tool did not exists except in the form of "take that MIdI file, and use this SBI (sound blaster instrument) for that midi instrument, etc. Perhaps they even simply had an OPL2 midi synthetizer so that they could plug a midi keyboard on it and be happy.


Project AM2R - Another Metroid 2 Remake

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impressive project ... unfortunately in GameMaker :(

Bilou HomeBrew's Blog : Chibby Commander Keen

I came up with this chibby Commander Keen as result of my experiments with the 32x32 editing mode of my sprite editor tonight. It might be used in a demo-platformer for SEDS/GEDS/LEDS tools on the Nintendo DS


More Mazeguy - Invasion of the Blobs

a guy who used the same Game-Maker than us

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