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MD's Technical Sharing: January 2011

"attempts due to a bug with Turbo Pascal CRT Unit that causes Runtime Error 200 when running on fast computer" "MARIO.PAS: The main application"



Tile based games

by 3 others
All you want to know about tile game ( flash )

Arthouse Games

Can you describe the circumstances that led to the creation of Fez?


Mario et Luigi 2

une assez bonne description du jeu, sans entrer dans le publicitaire, qui met en avant le fonctionnement, les items, compare avec les autres mario-rpg, etc.

The Video Game Atlas - Super NES Maps

much more video game maps, including yoshi's island ^_^ thanks, peardian

Cerebral Cortex 314 - Use the Fish

keen commander, interactive maps ^_^

Secret of Mana

pas mal, mais pas d'arbre.


The Mushroom Kingdom.

Friends of Mario Bros., join here!