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chmc | Free Development software downloads at

chm document generation by doxygen doesn't work out-of-the-box : it needs a .chm compiler. This could be an interesting alternative to the use of (MS) hhc.exe over wine


IMF Format - ModdingWiki

information on the song format being used by Commander Keen and other Apogee/ID games.

CMF Format - ModdingWiki

valuable information about the CMF format which i tried to reverse-engineer back in the "Recreative Game Maker" era, due to the lack of proper edition tool. My guess is that such tool did not exists except in the form of "take that MIdI file, and use this SBI (sound blaster instrument) for that midi instrument, etc. Perhaps they even simply had an OPL2 midi synthetizer so that they could plug a midi keyboard on it and be happy.



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ever wondered how to read a .bmp file ? or .3ds ? or .mod ? or whatever else ? Most of them are documented here ...

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