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This year




SNEmulDS homepage » DLDI

I'd really love to play "Rainbow Adventures" on my DS ...


SNEmulDS - PHWiki

For playing "good old games" on the DS ?


JaC64 - JAVA Commodore 64 emulator

Why not take some time to rediscover the good old times with some C64 Basic programming! do you still remember the pokes and peeks?

Supercard SD Mini Gameboy color save help - MaxConsole Forums

you cannot find out how to save your game in Zelda DX (or likely any other GBC game) with the SuperCard SD built-in emulator ? Here's how


My Ketchup Is Dead

a somewhat quiet blog from a belgian homebrew DS coder working on emulators (mainly)



technical information for Dualis emulator.

Thoduv’s devblog

un blog sympa qui parle de développement DS sous linux. notamment un émulateur, une lib TCP/IP et SSL ...

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