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Zalo DS Blog: 3DS Homebrew Tips and Tricks (II)

"In other words, what you really have is an screensize of 240x400" ... ow, yeah. Of course. That makes it possible to flip between left-eye-viewpoint and right-eye viewpoint on a line-by-line basis, rather than at pixel level!


nintendomax - Afficher le sujet - [NDS] Black Tiger Remake DS Test 3

nerboruto réalise "Black Tiger Remake DS", dans sa version test 3, adaptation sur Nintendo DS de Black Tiger, jeu de plateforme par Capcom paru en 1987. Le remake est toujours en phase de test, bien que déjà plutôt avancé.



2011 :: View topic - Space Impakto DS (A BulletHell Horizontal SHMUP)

Not exactly fan of all those plasma effects, but would be worth trying more...


Dealer list - watching movies and litsening musics on DS by iplayer, plays rmvb directly

"linker de Bisounours" ? cf.,4340.msg45677.html#msg45677

Seno DS

I've got to test that one.


LIBXM7 - Play XMs on Nintendo DS using only ARM7 resources

A C library to play XM modules on Nintendo DS using only ARM7 resources (thus freeing your ARM9 from that task).

Bilou HomeBrew's Blog: dsnews

"news" from homebrews on the Nintendo DS system (as i discover them). :: DS homebrew game reviews

all the homebrew games you might have missed ^_^


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