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The Pictorial Arts: Yumpin' Yiminy

some gepetto's stuff to decrypt.


Help with walk cycle

"Build up the animation in steps: first the contacts, then the passing, and then the inbetweens."

[16x16][C&C] House Tileset

you can avoid texture overload -- by EyeCraft "The main tool you want to use is simplification. You want to simplify shapes down and work in broad blocks of colour with accented bits of detail. This lets you use all kinds of bright, saturated colour at any level of contrast without introducing graininess."

Bug #192176 in hplip (Debian): “Scanner output always JPEG compressed”

Xsane will apply JPEG compression unless you manually turn it off in your ~/.sane/xsane/($scanner).drc file

Inkscape tutorial: Vectorisation

tout simplement fantastique.


[WIPs] Tree / forest / canopy studies

how to build your tree the right way ?


Michael Sporn Animation - Splog » Tyer Breaking Joints

I’m obviously talking about the animation principle that deals with the “breaking of joints” to create any arcs or curves in animation.


[WIP] Red Dragon

banding explained by arachne

Butt Johnson | O Quantum in Rebus Inane!

amazing and stylish Lego blocks ^_^

4 Swords by ~Chibi-Rinku on deviantART

nice deviation on "Zelda: four swords"

les illustrations de Céline ...

Top Best 50 Ubuntu Opensource Applications For Design And Developing

by 7 others
nice vector drawing programs suggested. /me wanted to add wings3D and tomboy to the list (see comment)


Le portfolio de Julien Stassart.

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