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PC Team Demoscene Articles

"During about 2 years i wrote articles about the demoscene for a french newspaper called PC Team, edited by Posse Press. It was a really interesting job, and it was an easy way to make advertising for the productions i liked. But i didnt find anymore time to do it so i stopped near end of year 2000." -- pictures seems broken, though.

Hunz, Norfair - Anxiety - Nectarine Demoscene Radio

no tracker ? no player ? no problem.



Virgill ^ Vicky - Music - CTG Music Community

3rd at MekkaSymposium2002 Mp3 competition. A pretty groovy song that shows demosceners can come with nicely recorded vocals too.


Demovibes - Electronic grooves from the demoscene

/Little_Bitchard_&_Mel_Function_-_Variform.mp3 nominated for burning

Genso's Junkyard II'

some interesting sources here. polygon detection, font rendering engines, sprites with the 3D hardware, plasma effects, particle systems and bullet hell script engines ...


Plastik by purple

loved it. The same guys who released the "disco racer" the next year: Toypusher.

Thoughts that Move | hunz

bin on va s'écouter ça ...

: Amiga Remix CD

the home of Instant Remedy, a first-worker in remixing SID and Amiga music.