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Using CSS multiple backgrounds - CSS | MDN

bravo! bien plus malin que les espèces de tables custom qu'on faisait dans les années nonantes!


Using URL values for the cursor property - MDN Docs

works better with CSS3 hotspot coordinates defined. cursor: [<uri> [<x> <y>]?,]* keyword

Custom Cursor Image CSS - Stack Overflow

neat. I will have a magnifier on my blog where maginifying make sense. Blogger adds "hand" everywhere. I'll just keep it when I have a link-to image.


An Introduction To CSS Sprites

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An Introduction To CSS Sprites [div class=”facebook icon”][/div] and in the CSS .icon { ... float, margin, width and the like ... background:url(images/sprite.png); } .facebook {background-position:-20 0} mostly useless for one-shot pictures, however. That's definitely not for "cropping a picture live".

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