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pcrepattern specification

h : any horizontal white space character



NaCl sandbox paper

finally they implemented something based on x86 segmentation ? As in Clicker ?


just because I'm curious how coding of my favourite WM is managed

Facebook lays out ambitious React.js JavaScript dev plans | InfoWorld

doing layout in React itself rather than within the browser. [...] "This very easily fixes the reflow problem because now you can just render the correct thing the first time. You don't need to render a placeholder and then replace it once you know how big it is,"


Dave Baggett's answer to How did game developers pack entire games into so little memory twenty five years ago? - Quora

" Basically, I had a whole bunch of different packing strategies, and would try them all and use the best result. " (...) " There were times when one of the artists would want to change something, and it would blow out the page count, and we'd have to change other stuff semi-randomly until the packer again found a packing that worked. "


gstreamermm: Gst::BaseSink Class Reference

The max-lateness property affects how the sink deals with buffers that arrive too late in the sink. A buffer arrives too late in the sink when the presentation time (as a combination of the last segment, buffer timestamp and element base_time) plus the duration is before the current time of the clock. If the frame is later than max-lateness, the sink will drop the buffer without calling the render method. This feature is disabled if sync is disabled, the get_times_vfunc() method does not return a valid start time or max-lateness is set to -1 (the default). Subclasses can use set_max_lateness() to configure the max-lateness value.

/P (Preprocess to a File)

don't try this at $HOME, kids, you'll need the Visual Studio Command Prompt to succesfully paste the command line. Output is a .i file in the directory where you invoked the compiler.