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I love my 64

The Commodore 64 was ahead of all its competitors. This enabled the machine to become the key instrument in pushing the computer age forward. In an age of ever increasing need for more processing power. The mere one megahertz the computer provided has stood the test of time...



RKO: The Def Guide to C64 MP3 remakes. I bet you can't do this on a SID.

when the local supermarkt detects someone trying to get through the gates without paying, the "alarm" fires with a sound that always remind me of this piece's start.

Test Drive (I REALLY mean teh floppy remix, c64 Remix by NecroPolo)

Didn't worked at first, but it stayed in my playlist and now I'm definitely a fan ^_^



subatomicglue - MidiboxSID work log

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OMG. Its ... the *real* thing !

du bon boulot, sans aucun doute

Makke lyrics -

ode to my C64, hell on eath spells game over, and more ^_^

: Amiga Remix CD

the home of Instant Remedy, a first-worker in remixing SID and Amiga music.


subatomicglue - MidiboxSID work log

A C64 modded into a 8-channel midi device that plays SIDs ;)



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Want to hear demoscene-related music ? Kebby or someone else ? this is the place to go !