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Linux initial RAM disk (initrd) overview

copying an existing initrd file, using cpio commands as described in linux/Documentation/initrd.txt might not always be sufficient...

A Smackerel of Opinion: Dumping ACPI tables using acpidump and acpixtract

tells me how to get a dump of ACPI, but not how to understand what to do with it. Esp. My table reports 4 CPUs on a dual-core machine :P

Return Infinity - Pure64 - Manual

os_NumCores identifies within the system how many cores your machine has. Les informations semblent être extraites de os_IOAPICAddress ou os_LocalAPICAddress ... à vérifier.


The Linux BootPrompt-HowTo

sometimes, it's good to have all "boot-time arguments" of the Linux kernel at hand. Here you are


Outils multiboot

tous les outils multiboot répertoriés (enfin, j'ai pas encore vu GRUB :P)

Main Page - OSDevWiki

plein, plein, plein d'info ^_^ Et quelques pages de mon crû.

Details of GRUB on the PC

by 1 other (via)
well described .. the basic info you'll love to have when starting to mess with your own OS

System Architecture Group: Publications

including a paper about P2P bootstrapping ...

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