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The Pictorial Arts: Yumpin' Yiminy

some gepetto's stuff to decrypt.



deviantART: where ART meets application!

get your pencil sharpened !

Song of Exile, Angela Ross, SciFi Fantasy Art

looks to have interesting art to dig here...

Small worlds |

When the line between videogame and art blurs ... you got Small Worlds.


paradroids, revisited.


Michael Sporn Animation - Splog » Tyer Breaking Joints

I’m obviously talking about the animation principle that deals with the “breaking of joints” to create any arcs or curves in animation.

PSG Art tutorial

an impressive reference for drawing/painting.


in need of some wallpapers ? // games, art and women

à tester une fois que j'irai chez qqn avec un windows.


(Animation)Shooting fireball*Updated*

another (pixel) animation lesson by ben2theedge << there are two rules you MUST remember when animating: 1: Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion, and bodies at rest tend to stay at rest 2: Every action causes an equal and opposite reaction For almost any animation this is all the physics knowledge you need. You can make an animation more or less "stylized" by exaggerating or downplaying these laws. >>

[WIP] Red Dragon

banding explained by arachne

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