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tomoAwasu • Background: Mario & Luigi - Superstar Saga

a really nice dust-blown-by-the-wind animation here.




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great simulator to generate reference dots for realistic walks, whatever the sex and mood. ™ • Smileys • The Smiley Sign Generator™ • The Smiley Search Engine™ • Gif Resize • Animation Tools • Smiley Generator • - - Animated Gif Frame Extraction

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Animations are made up of a bunch of similar images that are shown one after the other to create the illusion of movement. Many times, people will want just one or a few of those images, or they may want to change some of the images, This tool allows you to extract each frame from an Animate Gif Image and download them all along with the specifications that tell a browser how to show each image, or how long to show each image, or how many times to show each image.


Jill emotions, run cycles, Craziness!!!

PixelPileDriver giving us another excellent tutorial on "how to create a walking animation".

[WIP] Magic Effects (fire)

viscosity, aerodynamics, impressiveness ... PixelPiledriver mixed them all in an enlightening post ...

The Slappy Picture Show: The Making of Earthworm Jim

goldmine. Well, it's a bit a pity that we aren't told what technically made it possible to use cartoon-made animation on a system planned to run tile-based games, unfortunately. Large amount of trickery and wizardry is expected here.


Help with walk cycle

"Build up the animation in steps: first the contacts, then the passing, and then the inbetweens."


Michael Sporn Animation - Splog » Tyer Breaking Joints

I’m obviously talking about the animation principle that deals with the “breaking of joints” to create any arcs or curves in animation.


(Animation)Shooting fireball*Updated*

another (pixel) animation lesson by ben2theedge << there are two rules you MUST remember when animating: 1: Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion, and bodies at rest tend to stay at rest 2: Every action causes an equal and opposite reaction For almost any animation this is all the physics knowledge you need. You can make an animation more or less "stylized" by exaggerating or downplaying these laws. >>


Running animation

"when making the stick man, put a horizontal line in at the base of the spine... at the end of this line will be your the ball joints for the hips..."

Make him jump (formerly "Four Races" thread)

guy describe his process of making a pixel-character jump

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