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09 August 2005

Kramer - WordPress Plugin Repository - Trac

Kramer is a plugin that will add inbound links to a post on your weblog as Pingbacks. What this means is that when a post in blog A links to a post in blog B, blog B will find the inbound link and add it as a pingback or a general comment, without the need for the author of the post on blog A to send a ping to blog B. The way it finds the new links is by searching Technorati ( for all new inbound to a particular post and also (in the upcoming version) by analyzing and verifying incoming referrers. What this means is that pingback/traceback/trackback and other post-pinging tools are no longer required, as all links to a post will be found (eventually) and shown as Pingbacks. To show links to the main weblog, or to other pages in general, a function called kramer_inbound() is provided. It can be used in Wordpress templates to display a list of the latest inbound links to that page. It is usually included in the sidebar of a blog and can be fully configured via the Kramer administration interface. A planned feature is the ability for the plugin to inform Technorati of new referrers, i.e. other sites or blogs linking to your blog. This means that Technorati will be kept up-to-date about sites linking to your site.

Wordpress Plugin Competition Blog » Static Jack

Static Jack is a neat little plugin that makes it incredibly easy to upload html, php files, and other file types to a WordPress powered website and have the “static” content automagically wrapped in the blog skin, theme, or template… depending on your lexicon of choice. » Jerome's Keywords Plugin

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“Jerome’s Keywords” is a plugin for WordPress 1.5 to associate keywords with your posts.

Jeremy Curry | The Personal Website » Blog Archive » Linknotes

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a thing called link notes, sort of like foot notes, but with links. I thought that this was indeed a neat idea, and would be worth investigating, and testing out. So, I read through the comments, went off to the Wordpress Support Forums[4] and couldn’t find anything that was exactly what he wanted, and what I wanted to do with it. So, I went to work. I was going to through it together from scratch, BUT I found it easier just to basically rip some stuff out of the Textile plugin, and added a bunch of modifications. This is how it works when your writing a post.

Update: BBCode 0.4.1 released (May 15th 2005) - MozillaZine Forums

Adds Formating (BBCODE/HTML/XHTML/etc.) to the context menu for Blogs and forums like Mozillazine (PHPBB and others). (Firefox 1.0 and above / Mozilla Suite 1.7.x and above) . Features include: size, color, bold, italic, underline, code, insert img, insert url, make selection url, make list, paste quote, and many more.

08 August 2005

Gmail Smart-Delete Button

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Gmail has changed how they identify some mail items which, in certain instances, leaves the Smart-Delete button disabled.

03 August 2005

kepo-ing Zz85 » Live Spell Checker

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As usual I’m using the word “Live” but go ahead to name it ajax, xmlhttprequest or dhtml, or …, and spellcheck, spell-check, spell_check, spellchecker, Spell Checker or… whatever.

02 August 2005

Adsense Logger - a wordpress plugin - >>

This plugin installs the Adsense logger, inserts the corresponding javascript into the footer and displays the reports within the admin interface. For statistics of your revenue, you have to enter your adsense username and password in the configuration of adsense logger. This adsense logger plugin uses the wordpress configured prefix for table creation for this logger.

31 July 2005

29 July 2005

WordPress Plugins (Free) Developed and Supported by Taragana.Com - Simple Thoughts

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This page contains list of all WordPress plugins developed and provided by us for free to the WordPress user community.

27 July 2005

Bad Behavior - IO ERROR

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Bad Behavior is a set of PHP scripts which prevents spambots from accessing your site by analyzing their actual HTTP requests and comparing them to profiles from known spambots. It goes far beyond User-Agent and Referer, however. Bad Behavior is available for several PHP-based software packages, and also can be integrated in seconds into any PHP script.

24 July 2005

20 July 2005 » WordPress 1.5 plug-in: view future posts

With this plug-in, an administrator can view future posts at their permalink, so the View links in the administration panel work just like regular posts. The posts only appear at their permalink page—they are omitted from the home page, archives pages, category pages, and RSS feeds.

a workshop in a mess » Blog Archive » LiveLines

You can choose among the Live Bookmark, web services such as Bloglines and NewsGator Online, and RSS reader extensions(Sage, Habari Xenu) for the default RSS subscription system. - It detects RSS feeds which are within anchor tags(<a>) instead of link tags. (But it is not perfect: it cannot recognize those which are located in frames or have an unusual file name.) - You can add the first RSS feed directly without selecting on the popup menu.

16 July 2005

Google Adsense Notifier - new working version

With the latest update of Google Adsense report page - the excellent Google Adsense Notifier stopped working. Now “minus code”, have made a new beta version that works again.

Aardvark Firefox Extension

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Once you have installed Aardvark as an extension (as opposed to running the demo), start it by right-clicking on the page and choosing "Start Aardvark" from the menu. The extension will run until you leave, refresh, or stop it by pressing “Q” for quit.

07 July 2005

Elliott Back » Wordpress Hashcash 2.2

WP Hashcash is Wordpress’ strongest antispam plugin, boasting 100% efficiency. Over the last 6 months, not a single automated spammer has been able to break through. It works by using client side javascript to compute a special value which is sent to the server for verification. Since robots don’t have javascript, it’s unlikely that they will ever send the correct hidden value.

04 July 2005


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Trixie is to Internet Explorer as Greasemonkey is to Firefox. It lets you remix the Web via scripts. You may do this to either make it more readable, fix bugs or to even add little features to make the site more usable to you. Trixie by itself does none of this. It is just a plugin for Internet Explorer that enables executing chunks of JavaScript code and thus lets you use the Web the way you want to use it.

Get Turnabout :: Reify Turnabout

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Turnabout is an Internet Explorer plugin that changes the websites you visit to make them easier to use and to add features.

Feed Your Reader

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Feed Your Reader allows you to use the RSS Autodiscovery in firefox to launch external aggregators, such as Nick Bradbury's FeedDemon. By default, FYR uses the feed:// protocol allowing a wide range of aggregators to be supported. However, FYR can be also be configured to support various web based aggregators and desktop applications which do not support feed://.

27 June 2005


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LightPress is a fast, template-based frontend for the popular WordPress blogging platform.

19 June 2005

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