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August 2005

How to Install Hard Drives over 8 GB in Older PCs | Hardware Secrets

In older PCs BIOS doesn't support hard drives over 8 GB even though the hard drive is correctly recognized on setup. So, it will be correctly recognized on setup but when you format it, it will only format as 8 GB. This problem is caused by a BIOS limitation, similar to the famous 504 MB limit that existed many years ago.

July 2005

Fuji Work’s PvrAlex realtids H.264 encoder

Fuji Work är det första företaget att annonsera en realtids H.264 encoder. Den har en Memory Stick Duo kortplats, och är riktad mot bärbara spel maskiner som Sony PSP.

Liggy’s and Dee’s BLOG » First patched NEC ND6650A firmware available

The firmware contains bitsetting on all plus discs and there is a riplock removed and rpc1 version available.

ATi Catalyst 5.7 Drivers Released

The updated Catalyst software suite v5.7 is currently available for download.


Universal Serial Bus came into life when a group of 7 companies : Compaq, Digital Equipment, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and Northern Telecom decides to form a specifications to merge legacy connectivity such as RS232, Printer port, PS2 port into a single common connector to the Personal Computer.

USB in a NutShell - Chapter 1 - Introduction

Starting out new with USB can be quite daunting. With the USB 2.0 specification at 650 pages one could easily be put off just by the sheer size of the standard. This is only the beginning of a long list of associated standards for USB. There are USB Class Standards such as the HID Class Specification which details the common operation of devices (keyboards, mice etc) falling under the HID (Human Interface Devices) Class - only another 97 pages. If you are designing a USB Host, then you have three Host Controller Interface Standards to choose from. None of these are detailed in the USB 2.0 Spec.

VSO Inspector v1.1.0

VSO-Inspector is a free add-on to report various information about your hardware configuration. Using this freeware, you can check the listed cd and dvd readers and writers connected to your computer, check the firmware used. The details about the media used and the speed supported by a given writer with this media. Also you can scan a burnt media for read errors and be confident about the readibility of your fresh backup.

HDTV, future of DVD, and HDMI

At a recent Toshiba road show in the US they demonstrated their upcoming HD-DVD specification and a few more details became available as to what we can expect from the format when it launches in the US late (November) this year – it will launch with 89 titles available in HD. The audience reaction was very positive to the comparable images shown in both standard DVD and HD-DVD.

Zensonic Z500 - Network digital media player

The Zensonic Z500 networked digital media player gives users four connectivity options in one unit: wireless networking, Ethernet wired networking, optical disc playback and USB 2.0 hard drive connection.

June 2005

March 2005

September 2004

CDFreaks presents: Philips DVDR1640P review - CD

Drive reviewer Jan S. has just finished up a comprehensive review of this latest DVD writer from Philips. The drive lists 16X DVD+R writing and dual layer recording as well at 2.4X. Since dual layer technology was introduced by Philips and Mitsubishi Kaga

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