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10 July 2005 09:15

VSO Inspector v1.1.0

VSO-Inspector is a free add-on to report various information about your hardware configuration. Using this freeware, you can check the listed cd and dvd readers and writers connected to your computer, check the firmware used. The details about the media used and the speed supported by a given writer with this media. Also you can scan a burnt media for read errors and be confident about the readibility of your fresh backup.

10 July 2005 09:00

PgcEdit v0.6.0 released

PgcEdit is a DVD IFO and Menu editor designed to allow the modification of the navigation commands and parameters of an already authored DVD structure. PgcEdit is also an excellent tool to learn how a DVD works, with his powerful Trace function.. Since v0.6.0, PgcEdit is also the first program able to burn a Double Layer DVD-Video on DL DVD+R or DL DVD-R, with an interactive interface (including a preview), to select the position of the layer break.

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