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August 2005

XPress » Blog Archive » WordPress for XOOPS Released

WordPress is the most popular PHP based blog software — Semantic Personal Publishing Platform. XOOPS is the most secure, powerful, flexible and easy-to-use Content Management System. Combining WordPress and XOOPS, now you have XPress !

AJAX enable chat module released |

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I have just made a checkin into the contributions repo of an ajax enabled chat module. This module depends on the buddylist module to allow users to chat in real time with their online buddies on a Drupal powered website. The module includes the drupal.js created by thox for enabling Ajax in Drupal. We started off on this module to explore how we can utilize rich internet technologies like AJAX to create something useful within Drupal. The module is shaping up nicely but it can do with more robustness. This is definitely alpha quality code.

July 2005


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Loudblog is a sleek and easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) for publishing audio content on the web. It automatically generates a skinnable website and an RSS-Feed for Podcasting. Just upload your audio files, add some notes and links, and you’re done!

Bad Behavior - IO ERROR

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Bad Behavior is a set of PHP scripts which prevents spambots from accessing your site by analyzing their actual HTTP requests and comparing them to profiles from known spambots. It goes far beyond User-Agent and Referer, however. Bad Behavior is available for several PHP-based software packages, and also can be integrated in seconds into any PHP script.

Elite Journal

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The goals of Elite Journal are to be a simple to install and use personal online journal (aka "blog", but I dislike that word). Elite Journal is written in Ruby, using the Ruby on Rails framework.


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Scratch is the minimalist's web log. Scratch gives you nothing more than the meta-weblog API for posting. Reading is done via Atom or RSS. That's it. There's no HTML to hack up. You don't have to use the same, tired old web log template that everyone else is using. Break out of that blue, rounded rectangle! Be original! Thumb your nose at those primitive apes still using the web! Use Scratch! Scratch can also serve as a framework for developing your own weblog package.

About blojsom - Confluence

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A Java-based, full-featured, multi-blog, multi-user software package that was inspired by blosxom. blojsom aims to retain a simplicity in design while adding flexibility in areas such as the flavors, templating, plugins, and the ability to run multiple blogs with a single blojsom installation.

Blog Software Breakdown

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This chart displays attributes of different user-installed blog software packages side-by-side for comparison. Only server-installed scripts will be included in this list. (Sorry, no Radio, Blogger, etc.) I created this chart to help figure out what blog tool best suited my needs. Hopefully, it will be useful to the self-hosted blogging community as well.

cmsInfo - Home

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cmsInfo is an internet community of users and developers of Content Management Systems. Dedicated to provide news and information of the Open Source weblog niche. If you have expertise in commercial CMS systems feel free to volunteer to help with providing information on these products.

June 2005

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