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10 August 2005

Tab Mix (English)

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Tab Mix is an extension for Mozilla Firefox which enhances its tab browsing capabilites. Tab Mix's main objectives are to be small, fast, easy to use, logical and without bugs while containing the most natural features related to tab browsing.

20 July 2005

a workshop in a mess » Blog Archive » LiveLines

You can choose among the Live Bookmark, web services such as Bloglines and NewsGator Online, and RSS reader extensions(Sage, Habari Xenu) for the default RSS subscription system. - It detects RSS feeds which are within anchor tags(<a>) instead of link tags. (But it is not perfect: it cannot recognize those which are located in frames or have an unusual file name.) - You can add the first RSS feed directly without selecting on the popup menu.

16 July 2005

All-In-One Sidebar :: Sidebar Extension for Mozilla Firefox

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All-In-One Sidebar is a highly configurable Opera-like sidebar. Click on the left edge of your browser window to open the sidebar and get easily access to all your sidebars.

Google Adsense Notifier - new working version

With the latest update of Google Adsense report page - the excellent Google Adsense Notifier stopped working. Now “minus code”, have made a new beta version that works again.

09 July 2005

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