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September 2006

Banksy targets Paris Hilton

Banksy, who I’m sure most of you have heard of these days, has recently decided to use his skills to target Paris Hilton.

June 2006

Wearing a Stocking on your Head...

... and going shopping is not the best of ideas.

May 2006

Thanks. No. - The Nice Way to Stop Spam

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Do you get those emails from your friends and family, you know the ones, with crap links in them or “forward this to receive good luck”?

Brush Fires Uncover Pot Growing Operation

How unlucky is this, your happily growing your weed, have done for a while, all is going well until mother nature takes things into her own hands and reveals your little secret!

Stuff n Things

This site has all the useless, stupid and funny crap one seems to come across on travels of the internet. Yes, thats right, Its another useless website full of little titbits, but that can be fun when your bored right?

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